Metal Class
The Omega Trials

The Trials. They are the final tests to determine whether a human is worthy of the transformation into the Synthetic life. But are they truly the beginning or are they a means to an end?

Man has forced the hand of evolution and created a new class of humans known as Synthetics: robotic vessels that host the human brain, functioning as if it were a real organic body. Completely redefining life on Earth, this invention has eradicated disease, hunger, and even death. The new era of A.S., After Synthetics, has risen solving all of man’s problems here on Earth. Will this new ear prove to be the final step in mankind’s advancement?

Linnea 392453-801 has lead a mundane life growing up in the Germination Nursery of the Synthetic World. She isn’t the most social of students and likes to keep to herself. Studies and physical assessments are her main focus for when she turns eighteen, she will embark on the challenge of the Trials. The only source of distraction she garners is an infuriating boy named Cayden who would rather laugh than to take anything seriously and a girl named Ella that has become her surrogate little sister. However, when Linnea is listed as an Entrant into the Trials, she is lead down a path that proves more thrillingly dangerous than the simple tests she’s been lead to believe.

About the Author

Harper Davis hails from Virginia where he received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Theater Studies. After a year working in the theatrical realm, he decided to move to the sunny desert of Arizona where he landed a position at a prestigious events planning company. There he works with several corporate clients producing meetings, parties and special events. This type of world is full of creative ideas and constant fun but it also comes with long hours and stressful customer service which caused Harper to think back to a class that he took in college: Playwriting.

With nothing more than a worn out laptop, his muse, and his imagination, he has completed three novels and has several more in the making. As a debut novelist, he is actively seeking representation from agents with an interest in fantasy-fiction and science-fiction stories. As a newcomer to the writing community, he is steadily looking for comments and welcomes all forms of constructive criticism and support.

The Elements

Damek goes to school just like every other normal kid, but when his Aunt begins harboring elemental refugees, his world is turned upside down. He discovers dark forces that threaten the balance of the elements and seek a “cleansing” of all those who are not of pure descent.

Today is the first day back to school and my Aunt Eleanor is kicking me out the door with a brown paper bag lunch and a canvas backpack full of books. I tell myself that this year is going to be better than the last. Well, I hope junior year will be better. I haven’t had the best luck with school. Academically, I’m doing just fine, but socially, well that’s another story.

“Have a great day sweetheart!” Aunt Eleanor says as she waves me away off the front porch.

“You too.” I say half-heartedly.

I begin my walk down the street towards the school. It’s only about a mile away but I would rather be driving a car than walking. It makes me feel like a little kid walking to school, but there’s nothing I can do about it. My father wasn’t able to leave me anything and even if he did, my Aunt wouldn’t allow something so “toxic.” She claims that cars will be the death of the earth.

The Descendants

Heaven and Hell have always fought over the Mortal realm ever since its inception, but what if the Creator decided to give up? Who would then seize control of the world?

When Alex Thorn, a meager college student, allows himself to be dragged to a party one night, he never expected to be plunged into a shrouded world where the most beautiful and terrifying creatures ever imaginable wage war with one purpose in mind: authority over the Mortal realm.

Alex meets Ruth who turns out to be more than just a full of life, eccentrically dressed young woman. After saving him from a band of Demons, Ruth reveals that she is his Guardian Angel and that he is not just a student. With confirmation from one of four Archangels, Alex learns that he is the last living member of the Divine lineage of the Apostle Andrew, one of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ. However, he is not the only Descendant left alive.

With a newly formed group of allies, Alex discovers that the Maker has left the known realms and has redefined the original plans for the Apocalypse. Revelation has now been given to the three realms, leaving the fate of the world up for grabs. So whether he is ready or not, Alex joins the Descendants in the hunt for four relics that are the keys to the End of Days.

True to their dark ways, Demonic factions enter the fray as the Angelic realm waivers on whether or not to assist the Descendants. In the end, it will be up to Alex and the Descendants to save the Mortal world or to hand it over to the fractured Demonic realm that is willing to do anything to assume power.

Creature Crucibles
The Amaranth Challenge

In a world where life forces are considered more precious than gold, Holton Winters and Sayne Rathford, two lovers ripped apart by their civilization, find themselves thrust into a life or death challenge by the very people who should be protecting them. Security and peace comes at a price.

Waking up from a comatose sleep, Holton realizes that he has escaped the last year of sacrifice. As the most recent Dowry of the Cerulean Sector, he never expected to survive the increasing demands of life force offerings to the Premier. The nation of Halona is fighting the Fourth World War against a rebellion that believes life forces belong solely to their hosts and no one else. Holton agrees with this mentality but due to his imprisonment behind the nation’s walls, he can do little to combat the chokehold the Premier has on his people.

After making his return to his home Sector with Silvia, another surviving Dowry, he learns that his last year in stasis is nothing short of a lie. When corrupt forces bring Holton along with his new friend Silvia and his lover Sayne back into another year of sacrificial sleep, he begins a journey of pageantry and competition that come at a great consequence: his life.